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It's a bit of a mission doing RuneScape mining

I can drink boil and restore and run in first. Brew provides me 89 hp and 92 def (good?) . From melle while my friend prot. from ranged. Once bandos is dead, we kill every protector 1 at a time. IF we can do it again, my friend stays in NW corner and I sit at middle and att overall when he spawns. Question: do I need a sara thing too or am I good? So, can I move or not? Any suggestions to my plans? We Have NO Food or Prayers on. With...?! How come he owned me??? And that he keeps hitting big amount on me? Fudge! How can this be? I have 52 assault!!! 52 attack!!! How can this be hopeless?!

Ok, so I'm going to be a member soon, once I train some of my own stats. I only want to learn what would be some excellent things to train or do after I become a member. I really don't have a lot of cash atm, but that I could find some fairly quickly. I only have about 300k in money right now, and not much junk. I plan on purchasing an abby whip the moment I can, but idk what else to do. I like quests, so I will do these, but which ones would be best to start out on? And that stats are good to train (for money, or just because).

Hello I am pretty new and wondered if magic is a fantastic place to start, I made my account a few months ago and managed to get up my magic to 21. I appear to recall when I played with I could receive totally free runes from the woman outside the castle but she won't give me any more for some reason. So I've begun doing runecrafting. The spell I want to cast to train my magic at this level will be seemingly Wind Bolt (atmosphere and chaos runes needed) so should I just keep mining Wind and Chaos runes to fund my magic skill?

It's a bit of a mission doing the mining, I have to run into the wizards tower, then get 30 blank runes then all of the way to the atmosphere altar, then forth and back. Can there be a more efficient way of doing it? I also obviously require chaos runes, if I only get a chaos talisman? If so where can I get it? Thanks for any advice, I have tried asking players in game. . But no one appears to be able to speak or spell properly. . Something else I am somewhat puzzled by. I suppose it gets better once you enter member worlds? I hear they are good red charm droppers so want to try them. (uring tabs) Another question I have, is dose the RoW raise the opportunity of charms being dropped? Ive slayed quite a few bloodvelds in my day so heres my advice. Bloodvelds drop mostly green charms but reach constantly. That's why I dont recamend these... What I do recamend is jellies, you are going to get rune full helm drops, lvl 3 hints and the green charms you desire. Ok let me give you some stastics. I've actually tested this. I brought the same equipment and stock setup from bloodvelds and jellies.

At bloodvelds I got just 20 green charms, others so low not worth mentioning, and 60 kills until my food was gone. In Jellies I got 178 green charms, 73 gold, and 11 red, two rune complete helms, lvl 3 hint, also 521 kills until my food was gone!!! That means it is possible to attempt bloodvelds but trust me just not worthwhile.

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